How to make the most of your candle

For optimal use, let your candle burn at least 1 hour. In order to prevent it from digging, always let the wax melt over the entire surface of the candle before extinguishing it.

Leave your candles lit maximum 2 hours for wellness candles with essential oils and maximum 4 hours for scented candles. The melted wax will continue to diffuse the fragrance or essential oils even after it is extinguished.

Cut the wick to 5mm before relighting it so that your candle does not burn too fast or make soot.

Always place candles on a flat, heat-resistant surface and do not leave unattended.

Avoid inhaling smoke directly and ventilate the room regularly (although this is valid if you never light candles!)

If you notice that the glass of your candle has blackened, do not panic, no detergent! Just remove the traces with a clean cloth. This can happen if the candle has been left in a draft or if you have not cut your wick to 5mm before relighting it.

And of course to avoid any accident, do not move the candle once it is lit.